Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Financial Fitness Club

The Financial Fitness Club gives families the opportunity for up to $300 worth of matching funds provided by HSDC if they are willing to take a 5 month class to learn about saving, budgeting, self-discipline and other topics that will put you on the right path with your finances. The 5 month course contains 10 sessions, typically 2 per month at 2 hours each, set by the counselor. During these classes participants will have the opportunity to start a savings account to which HSDC staff will monitor the 5 month progress of the savings account. Upon completion, HSDC will match dollar for dollar, up to a max of $400, that must be used to pay a vendor, creditor, collections, lender or other source that the counselor sees fit according to credit report and/or goals set during the initial intake and counseling session. This means if you are disciplined enough to save $400 then HSDC will add an additional $800 to assist you in paying off $1200 in approved debt. Funds may also be used towards the purchase of a home at the discretion of the counselor if you have no qualifying debt.

For this class you will be introduced to HSDC's primary Hud Housing Counselor... 

Phyllis Walker.